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We Breed Quality Boykins
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HRCH Doc Holliday

Meet South Georgia's Doc Holliday!  He is the newest addition to our family and the youngest male Boykin that we own.  There are only 5 puppies from an HRCH MH x HRCH MH breeding and Doc is one of them.  He has already been tested and came back Clear for the 7 genetic tests that are recommended for Boykins. Doc's hips are OFA Good. His Pedigree contains 147 National Titles.  He has some big shoes to fill but we believe that he will live up to his potential!  Until then we will just have to keep you updated with pictures and videos of his accomplishments and milestones.

Our Boykins

The Girls

Hover over the picture and it will give you Hips, Eyes, and Heart Certifications.  Click on each picture and you will get ALL clearances for each dog as well as a link to view their pedigrees.

Our work


We breed top of the line Boykin Spaniels.  These dogs are from the Best Hunting Lines and are bred to be quality hunting dogs and companions.  We only breed dogs with certified Hips, Hearts, and Eyes as well as having all of the recommended genetic testing completed so that we can truly stack the deck in the puppy's favor.  Our dogs are socialized from birth so that they will make great companions and introduced to birds at a very early age.  If you are interested in a quality Boykin Spaniel then you are in the right place!!


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Dr. Ken & Angie Sellers

2606 East Doublegate Drive

Albany, Ga 31721

Tel: 912-253-5888 or 912-253-5889

 We provide excellent Boykins that will serve you well in both the field and home.  


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